Transform Your Life 12 Weeks Programme

Enrol today to transform your life in just 12 weeks and become the confident, self-assured, highly motivated, balanced and aligned soul that you were meant to be, living your dream life with ease and grace!

Facilitated by Jane Scanlan of Cherish, Transform, and Upgrade

Are you brave enough to claim the life you desire?


You're feeling stuck, your work/life balance is totally off kilter and you feel undervalued and not heard  

You ABSOLUTELY love your family, and your role as a mother but feel your business/career has taken a back seat for too long now or it has totally over taken your life and you feel you no longer have enough quality family/me time. You know you're meant for something bigger, and you're ready to get back in the driver’s seat of you life, and enhance your family life, business life, social life and personal life 

Fortunately, there's one programme available to you now, where you really can have it all! You might not even know it yet, but you have all the answers and power to transform your life within you: I will be the facilitator, the guide along your journey. As women, we are programmed to connect, adapt, and is a gift that flows beautifully when tapped into and reignited!  

My Transform Your Life in 12 Weeks Video Programme is designed to help you get Clear about what you desire your life to look like, get Calm enough to take the action that is required of you and to get Confident being unapologetically you!  


I am NOT ok with you continuing your current trajectory of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, undervalued and not heard. I believe you have a birth given right to live a life you love, to be valued as your authentic self, to earn to your highest potential, and to be heard  

Read on and check out the schedule below for a look at what I'll teach you...

The Cherish, Transform and Upgrade method is grounded in proven holistic techniques and therapies. 

It is my core belief that we can heal ourselves and transform our lives when we get Clear, Calm and Confident. You will be able to live a life you love, to be valued and seen as your true authentic self, to earn to your highest potential and to be heard!


You have to be in it to win it, and I've added some one-time bonuses for the first 50 clients to add to your win!

Normal price should be: £1999  

Your price: £997 (limited spaces, payment plans available)  


I used to hate my life, my choices, my habits and addictions, but it didn't stop me repeating all the bad stuff, creating continued chaos and feeling stuck in my life. But I just didn't know how to deal with stress, overwhelm and repeated negative patterns back then!  

When I hit 30 and looked around I didn't like much of my life, so I decided enough was enough and transformed my life in 2 job, a cancelled wedding, single by choice, enrolled in college, dropped the drainer friends, healthier lifestyle which resulted in a much happier Jane.  

How did I do this? Well I can tell you it wasn't through "will power", it was taking "inspired action" that was aligned to my soul! I went to holistic therapies, took natural remedies, started mediating and exercising, I did counselling, life coaching, confidence coaching, business and marketing coaching! You name it I tried it...I was on a soul mission to live a life I loved, and nothing was going to stop me! 

When I started my business, it made sense to help people learn how to deal with stress, pain, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and help them to transform their lives. So, I started to help clients to cherish, transform and upgrade their lives with my confidence coaching calls, guaranteed online programmes and added support and accountability.  

  Since that moment I have literally taught 1000s of clients how to deal with stress, get out of pain and live the life they deserve. I have moved over 100 miles to live a life I love by the sea and forest, I have become an Amazon best-selling Co Author in the self-help category and have won Business Awards  

It's time to get Clear, Calm and Confident!

Anne Bertreau's Success Story

I wanted to be more calm and with a more positive attitude as my life was very hectic before working with Jane. I wanted the opportunity for help but wasn't sure I'd have enough time.  

But Jane made it easy for me to follow her process, with a lot of support and personalised feedback. She has taught me to listen to my heart and now I feel much calmer and happier. 

Introducing the Transform Your Life in 12 Weeks Programme...

This is a 12 week life transformation for mums who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and feel undervalued, they desire to get clear on their soul purpose,their dream life, to feel calm and organised, and to be confident enough to take the action that is necessary to fully embody their dream life.

This programme is about getting clear, calm and confident so your transformation flows with ease! We will be clearing the way for you to connect to your divine soul purpose and energy, we will be using the laws of the universe to create the most wonderful life transformation.

By the end of the 12 week transformation you will be organised, totally clear on your goals/intentions, you will know your values and be guided by them, you will have realigned your energy and will have cleared space in your life for your future life to flow in, you will have created simple daily rituals that keep you grounded, calm and happy, you will called in the universal laws of attraction and become a manifesting magnet, you will he stepped into your confident self and released the power within, you will have taken massive action towards your goals, and will have a review and reset process in place to continue your souls journey.

This is just the start... 

Cherish Transform Upgrade Success Stories

Charlotte Wheeler I'm a small business owner with 2 young children and I was feeling totally stressed and overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work I had to do. I was never on top of my 'to do' list which made me feel anxious and like I was failing in some way. Trying to run a business and also be a good mum and keep on top of household chores was like spinning plates and I felt like they were about to come crashing down at any moment. Jane taught me some easy techniques that helped me to manage these feelings, and changed my way of thinking. By putting a daily mindset routine in place, I have become much calmer and therefore much more productive both in my business and at home. As a result of feeling less stressed, I now have more patience with my children and don't have to resort to yelling at them anymore which was making me feel guilty and adding to the negative thought patterns I used to have. Life is good these days thanks to the coaching I had from Jane.

Sarah Howlett I was unhappy , and felt tired and run down. I wasn’t sleeping well and had a nagging feeling that I was not where I should be for this stage of my life. I didn’t really know what to expect but knew it would be an interesting journey. I had complete trust in Jane. I knew I could be open and honest with Jane, I felt relaxed and safe during my sessions which meant that I was able to get the most out of each session. Jane always had a calm reassuring manner and always knew how to bring the best out of me. As a result of completing cherish I’m more confident, better able to communicate with some people in my life I struggled with before. I have also allowed myself to worry less about what certain people think about me. I’m excited about my future and have more confidence in myself.

Here's how I'll be guiding you through your transformation


Have you ever gone to start something, then got totally confused, scared and just froze?

Me too, that's why this week has been created, so we ease into your transformation making sure you are grounded, feeling safe and secure. We'll reset your diary and schedule in your transformation, and dive deep into a week in the life of you! 


Learn how to set achieable and stretch 90-day goals across the 7 key areas of your life 

In this week, I'm pulling back the curtain on my own journey to show you how I moved beyond scarcity and self-doubt to build a life I loved, with a business full of soulmate clients through aligned goal setting.


Marvellous Me: Using Values & Beliefs to step into your true authentic self

This goes way beyond surface personality tests; we will be digging deep and uncovering the old stories that are keeping you stuck. I'll show you how to create strong beliefs and values wrapped in new stories that will have you flourishing and standing in your true authentic power.


Balance Your Energy & Clear Your Space 

By now you will be in the flow to transformation and you may feel like "stuff" is getting in your way. This is the perfect opportunity for us to balance your energy system, and for you to start clearing space in your life (physical, digital, emotional) for the upgrades to start flowing in.


Simple Sustainable Daily Rituals 

How do you know whether you're on the right track with your transformation or you need to tweak the goalposts? In this lesson I'll show you how stress can totally sideswipe your goals, but by implimenting simple daily rituals you can de-stress your life and keep moving forward.


Ramp Up Your Intentions and Learn The Secrets To Manifesting  

I am going to show you my step by step process to manifesting your hearts desires with ease By this stage in the programme your energy is clear, you will already be seeing opportunities pop up, 


Enrol today with my leap and the net will appear personal guarantee plus the added bonuses for the first 50 clients

Normal price: £1999  

Your price: £997 (limited spaces, payment plans available)

The Transform Your Life 12 Week Progamme Includes:

Lifetime Access to Transform Your Life Programme

(Value £1999)

You will receive lifetime access to the entire process of the Transform Your Life Programme, we will be initially work through this together in the initial 12 weeks. But when you are ready to upgrade again you can go straight to this programme log on and start work! 

x12 Confidence and Alignment Coaching Calls

(Value £900)

This is your space to get laser focused coaching on any area of your life with me. You will gain clarity, get clear, calm and confident with the support, accountability and healing. There will be the opportunity to submit questions prior to the call so no time is wasted.

Lifetime Access to the Client Only FB Group

(Value £1200 per yr)

To help you stay connected uplifted and in flow you're invited to a private member's FB Group. When you are supported by your fellow tribe members anything is possible. These mums, leaders and energy healers will be a source of support, accountability and perhaps collaborations!

Value: £4099

**Plus these one time bonuses!**


Post Programme Life Planning Session

During this call we will literally plan out the next 12 months in the 7 key areas of your life. This will allow you to feel ground, safe and secure moving forwards.

*Valid upon completion of all modules and journal work within 2 weeks of the final module*

Value: £75


Personal Healing and Guidance Session

During this call I will tap into the divine energy, use cards and receive guidance, downloads and be able to help you on your journey to success and enlightenment

*Valid upon completion of all modules and journal work within 2 weeks of the final module*

Value: £120


x12 Masterclasses to set you up for life

Each month you will receive a masterclass based round keeping clear, calm and confident. These are invaluable to keeping you on track, aligned and focused.

*Valid upon completion of all modules and journal work within 2 weeks of the final module*

Value: £900

That's a total value of £5,194

Your investment today?


(Payment Plans available)

Price increase after the first 50 or May Which ever comes first

More Success Stories...

Judith Key  

I had no reservations in in working with Jane. I didn't really know what to expect at all. But the experience was just fantastic. I found it really easy. exactly what was happening and when.  

It was nice to work in a group because you've got other points of view coming in so that was helpful as well. It opened my mind up to new techniques.

Willow Sterrick Before I started the Membership I was in total overwhelm, life was going to fast and I felt panicked. I loved being in the group because we got support and accountability from everyone but also got 121 feedback from Jane on our work. My life has totally changed since we first met and I am much calmer, feel in control of my destiny and working toward owning 2 successful businesses.

Sandra Russell Before I started to work with Jane I felt generally ok, I thought I was in a good place, but physical I wasn’t, work was really busy, I was stressed due to work overload and money worries, plus my energy didn’t feel right. I had no reservation to working with Jane; she is approachable, very knowledgeable, full of wisdom, easy going and has a non judgemental style and approach to everyone. I felt energised, ready to take on the world again and I was actually doing the things I knew I should but was procrastinating about before the course. The best thing I walked away with was good energy and I picked up different tools!

Be one of our next success stories for just:


(Payment Plans available)

Price increase after the first 50 or May Which ever comes first

Introducing Your Facilitator:  

Jane Scanlan - Spiritual Guide and Confidence Coach  

"I love helping people that desire to transform their lives right now. After working with over hundreds clients just like you, I know that you are struggling, frustrated and sick of getting stuck when trying to transform your life.  

Together, on this one of a kind training we will work together in finally solving this problem and giving you a step by step system to ensure you get the transformation that you desire, quickly, easily and effortlessly.  

I cannot wait to see you on the training and showing you this step by step system to ensure you transform your life within 12 weeks."