Terms and Conditions for 121 Sessions

  • Authorise Cherish, Transform, Upgrade (Jane Scanlan) to set up my DD (GoCardless) for the tier level agreed, it will go out on the 1st of every month, immediately or a specific date requested
  • Commit to my sessions each month to fully benefit and improve my overall wellness
  • Give at least 24hrs notice if I can not attend a session and reschedule that month
  • If 24hrs notice isn't given for cancellation, be aware that session will be forfeited
  • Be aware that the first three months of membership are fixed
  • After the fixed 3 months, contract will go onto a rolling contract after this time
  • Once on the rolling contract either party can give one months notice to cancel this agreement
    • If notice given in Jan, last payment is Feb
  • You can change the tier level within the membership any time