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Judith Key

I had no reservations in in working with Jane. I didn't really know what to expect at all. But the experience was just fantastic. I found it really easy to fit in. I knew exactly what was happening and when.

It was nice to work in a group because you've got other points of view coming in so that was helpful as well. It opened my mind up to new techniques.

Anne Bertreau

I wanted to be more calm and with a more positive attitude as my life was very hectic before working with Jane. I wanted the opportunity for help but wasn't sure I'd have enough time.

But Jane made it easy for me to follow her process, with a lot of support and personalised feedback. She has taught me to listen to my heart and now I feel much calmer and happier.

Cherry May

I had a FREE consultation call and the evening before the call i got some bad news which was going to affect me a lot. I felt sick all morning but that was it, as soon as the call started I burst into tears.

Jane made me feel that it was Okay to cry and as I'm NOT a crier that says a lot. As the call progressed I started to see a way out of my situation. By the end of the call I was feeling 100% better and confident. I can't wait to continue working with Jane.

Willow Sterrick

Before I started the Membership I was in total overwhelm, life was going to fast and I felt panicked.

I loved being in the group because we got support and accountability from everyone but also got 121 feedback from Jane on our work. My life has totally changed since we first met and I am much calmer, feel in control of my destiny and working toward owning 2 successful businesses.

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Lynsey Harris

Before I started the Membership I was feeling flat, was in a negative relationship and had a bad body image which manifested with continuous negative thoughts and feelings. I trusted Jane implicitly and the group was really supportive.

I've learnt techniques which have opened my mind to alternative ways of dealing with everyday life; although the most important thing I've taken from the 7 Steps is importance of nurturing your both your mind and body - happiness is learnt not a given.


Richard Watts

Generally I am an upbeat person and have had a number of high-powered jobs. I had become a bit down and negative, comparing myself negatively to others, and was stressed. I knew I had to do something about it. I joined the group and worked on really interesting techniques to introduce balance and calmness into life, which have been very useful.

Jane is a great coach, easy to talk to and gets to the issues quickly. I originally thought this 'kind of thing' is not for me but I'm happier, calmer, and less stressed, and a better Dad to my family, I'd recommend you give Jane a call.

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Nevil Kapadia

I was always starting something and then getting distracted and not quite finishing. Ending up with a rushed job before a deadline.

Joining this group has given me a focus and held me accountable, but without any embarrassment or pity. The flow is easy to understand with lots of advice and help, and has given me renewed discipline of focus and a side benefit of less overwhelm. If you're thinking about joining it probably means you should!

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Kenrick Grosvenor

I was feeling very negative, stressed and a big lack of confidence. Uncertain about making the right decisions.

I had never done a webinar before but it was really good. I made sure I left work on time, learnt new ideas. The meditation was the best for me, I felt a difference in energy and my thoughts. I am transforming my thoughts, speaking my truth, and I am more honest.


Sandra Russell

Before I started to work with Jane I felt generally ok, I thought I was in a good place, but physical I wasn’t, work was really busy, I was stressed due to work overload and money worries, plus my energy didn’t feel right.

I had no reservation to working with Jane; she is approachable, very knowledgeable, full of wisdom, easy going and has a non judgemental style and approach to everyone.

I felt energised, ready to take on the world again and I was actually doing the things I knew I should but was procrastinating about before the course. The best thing I walked away with was good energy and I picked up different tools!


Charlotte Wheeler

I'm a small business owner with 2 young children and I was feeling totally stressed and overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work I had to do. I was never on top of my 'to do' list which made me feel anxious and like I was failing in some way. Trying to run a business and also be a good mum and keep on top of household chores was like spinning plates and I felt like they were about to come crashing down at any moment.

Jane taught me some easy techniques that helped me to manage these feelings, and changed my way of thinking. By putting a daily mindset routine in place, I have become much calmer and therefore much more productive both in my business and at home.

As a result of feeling less stressed, I now have more patience with my children and don't have to resort to yelling at them anymore which was making me feel guilty and adding to the negative thought patterns I used to have. Life is good these days thanks to the coaching I had from Jane.


Danielle Summers

I was in a relatively good place beforehand but only because I’m on one of the Cherish, Transform and Upgrade Programmes already.

I felt great after the workshop and I got to meet new people. I walked away HAPPY.

I would recommend the Workshops and the Programmes with Jane because it sets you in such a good mindset and you realise you’re not alone.

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Dave Cordle

I saw working with Jane as a great opportunity to develop myself further as this helps me to help my clients more effectively. I’ve enjoyed revisiting some of the techniques like EFT and being introduced to new tools such as the face-reading.

The workbooks and recordings have been very useful. The best results I got from the course were the new set of techniques to use in my life. I particularly like EFT as it gives me yet another tool to deal with limiting beliefs.

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Sarah Howlett

I was unhappy , and felt tired and run down. I wasn’t sleeping well and had a nagging feeling that I was not where I should be for this stage of my life. I didn’t really know what to expect but knew it would be an interesting journey. I had complete trust in Jane.

I knew I could be open and honest with Jane, I felt relaxed and safe during my sessions which meant that I was able to get the most out of each session. Jane always had a calm reassuring manner and always knew how to bring the best out of me.

As a result of completing cherish I’m more confident, better able to communicate with some people in my life I struggled with before. I have also allowed myself to worry less about what certain people think about me. I’m excited about my future and have more confidence in myself.

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Loxley Forbes

Before I started the course I had this frustrating habit of inconsistency around my self-study. I was fine when someone else set out the plan of action and monitored me, but left to my own devices I couldn’t stay on track..

After 3 weeks I could feel my belief system starting to change and the negative mental chat was getting less noisy, I believe this was due to the coping techniques from the 7 Steps, they were easy to learn and were on hand whenever a particular negative thought came into my head, in addition and to the support from the Group and Jane.

Let me make it very clear, it’s not something you just turn up too and everything changes by magic, I had to apply myself constantly. The best result I got from working with Jane is to know that my thoughts can be managed with the right set of tools.