[New Interview] Coffee With Jane – Charlotte Fitzgerald

Coffee With Jane - Charlotte Fitzgerald

Interview Series on Confidence, Healing and Wellness

JOIN US AT THE BOOK LAUNCH 23rd NOV 2019 - https://allevents.in/old%20windsor/the-power-of-women-ready-to-rise-and-roar/1000069979924839


  • How your children can help clear your fears
  • Coming through fear to tell our stories
  • Developing through trauma
  • Empowering Women
  • You always have options
  • My healing journey
  • Our 3 words of wisdom to you all

It’s Time To Live Your Upgraded Life!

Jane is here to help create Confident, Empowered women who can stand in their Feminine Flow, she does this by using her simple effective step by step method to release the ties that bind, let go of what no longer serves and stand in your power.