Health & Safety Protocol

My Health & Safety Protocol

What to expect:

  • Therapist to wash hands before your treatment
  • Therapist to wash hands after your treatment
  • Surfaces wiped down if there has been any bodily contact
  • Couch paper towel changed for each client
  • Handles wiped down
  • Full clean of room every day
  • Tissues available for use
  • Soap and water available for use
  • If I have a high temp/cough/sneezing symptoms I will call you to reschedule

What you can do to help:

  • Wash your hands before your treatment
  • Wash your hands after your treatment
  • If you have any High temp/coughing/sneezing symptoms call to reschedule

Extra Tips:

Extras to help create the best experience I can for you:

  • Hallway has recently been redecorated
  • All floors cleaned and carpets hoover daily
  • House is professionally cleaned once a week
  • TV and shelf cover now in place to reduce dust
  • Towels always washed at 90 degrees
  • The bathroom is always at your disposal
  • Pretty mood lighting
  • Natural oil burners and incense
  • Calming spa music