[Free Training] Learn to Smash Your Last Quarter in Oct’s Free Masterclass

I remember feeling totally stuck, lost in life and not where I felt should be

I remember putting other people’s thoughts and opinions first

I remember thinking what on earth do I really want to do with my life

I remember thinking and feeling that I would never be successful

I remember feeling that I would never live my dream life

....let’s face it my track record wasn’t that great


BASICALLY, I DID NOT FEEL GOOD ENOUGH, I didn’t trust myself or my instinct, I didn’t formulate very good plans and then didn’t follow them through anyway because I would be lost in the detail!

And I was manifesting MORE of THAT into my life


When I hit 30 my self-talk was negative and constant!!

BUT I had had enough of it and felt like I was about to implode!

Something had to give…

The healing methods that followed transformed the course of my life forever

The simple planning structures that I was taught transformed my strategies

The visualisation techniques I put into place ensured that my goals came to fruition


I learnt this

I followed this

I fell

I got back up

I kept trying

I stayed true to me

And I managed to stay out of the negative patterns of my 20s


I now know how to heal myself, step back enough to get an overview of life, formula a simple yet effective plan, visualise my goals and intentions so they are already real and allow the process to unfold!


Let me tell you something…

Everyone that uses my formula so far has achieved 70-100% of their intentions


You see I used to be a sceptic, I used to be a complainer, I didn’t believe in myself

And I hear so many other people saying similar things to the old me…

"I feel stuck, I just don’t know what to do”

“I’m great at starting projects but I never end up following them through"

“I just don’t know where to start when it comes to goal setting! It probably won’t work for me anyway!”


That’s when I thought “wow how did I transform myself from repeating the same old habits, not achieving my goals, and what the fuck I wanted to do anyway….into the Simple Intention Setting, Manifesting Queen Jane?"


When I thought about it, I was literally blown away by the results of my transformation and the simple formula I was using....And that’s when I nominated myself to be the one to actually give you the steps you require to be ninja at INTENTION SETTING and actually MANIFESTING IT INTO YOUR LIFE QUICKLY


Whether you’re already quite confident about your goal setting skills and just desire to improve or you’re unable set and achieve your goals, I’ve got you covered with this month’s Free Masterclass!!


I’ll show you how I went from confused and feeling stuck, repeating the same old habits and not completing my goals, to living my dream life, feeling love from within and being the Manifesting Queen you know today, who manifested her child, her dream home, and her dream business


I will show you all this in the SMASH YOUR LAST QUARTER MASTERCLASS… Learn how to profile your life, use the 7 key areas to gain a life transformation, I’ll also show you how I use achievable and stretch goals to keep my motivation, and of course how I use decluttering and art to achieve my goals! And I’ll be showing you how to implement each step immediately in this free masterclass



Want The Deets?

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