I've worked with coaches or therapists before and it's never quite worked, why are you different?

I can’t comment on what other coaches, mentors or therapist do, as I don’t know their curriculum or how they work. But I do know my online programmes and treatments plans have personally worked for me, but also the 100's of clients I've worked with.

The online programmes are simple and easy to follow with the support of your coach, our health experts, and access to video training, and so much more you just can’t go wrong!

The treatment plans also follow a simple and effective structure, ensuring that you get a step towards your wellness goals each time you have a session, and you continue to heal in between sessions.

We know what we are doing and are fully committed to your healing journey.

How is it and how much time does it take, I am very busy?

We understand that you are juggling right now, watching your out goings and it may feel like you can’t fit anything else in...

But our 121 memberships start at just £25 for 30 mins of your time a month!

We give you simple affect assignments or exercises, coach you or use holistic therapies to clear your worries, fears and pain, and help you to fully focus on your life, therefore saving you time and money in the long run!

How do I know this will work for me?

There are millions of ways to release the pressures of “life” and some will work for you and some may not resonate, BUT that is why I have created several very special programmes and have many services all dedicated to helping you out of pain and stress.

I believe we are all unique, so we never just focus on one technique or method, there are 100’s of simple techniques that I know and I will guide you through the ones that will suit you.

I want to do this...how can I get my partner on board too?

We get asked this frequently, as your partner may not have heard of us or even know about “Mindset” or Personal Development” work or "Healing Journey's". What we recommend is that you show them the Success Stories, advise them the Personal Money Back Guarantee and explain your treatment plan or course prospectus.

I am available to talk them through the programmes, treatment plans and answer any questions too. BUT go with your gut instinct, if this speaks to you, trust yourself and go for it, you won’t regret it