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Jane Scanlan - Spirutal Guide and Transformation Coach

Meet the founder - Jane Scanlan

"The Queen of Making It Simple" is here to help you to cherish, transform, and upgrade your life. My life coaching and self improvement advice is some of the best in the local area, and I serve globally via online platforms as well as my bases in Dorset and London.

I boast more than 15 years of experience within the health and wellness industry, I have truly led life to the fullest and I’ve been at the helm of Cherish, Transform, and Upgrade Your Life Coaching since 2014.

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Our Coaching Approach

Jane uses her holistic coaching and therapy skills with all her clients, has created a supportive and safe environment allowing the right questions to be asked in order for you to expand your consciousness. Often we are unable to see how we are holding ourselves back and getting in our own way. This can lead to us procrastinating, becoming over-critical and self doubt creeps in. This can happen in all aspect of our lives relationships, health, business and social.

But a Total Life Transformation doesn't have to be hard!

By using my simple, effective coaching techniques and step by step online courses, with support and built in accountability I help clients to move forward with consistently and effortlessly.

Just some of our Coaching Themes

  • Confident You
  • Transform Your Life
  • The Upgraded Life
  • Heal Your Heart
  • Balance Your Life
  • Manifest Your Desires

With a daring Irish father who came to London to seek his fortune armed with a suitcase and a dream, along with an academic mother who loved to read and learn, Jane was always destined to be curious, adventurous and carve her own career path.

After a decade in corporate IT roles, Jane knew there was more to life and started to retrain as a holistic therapist, homeopath, massage therapist and healer alongside her full time employment.

She moved into the health sector and worked for the London Ambulance Service for over a decade whilst her training continued. And she started her first successful holistic therapy business, Cherish7Sanctuary in 2010 helping clients out of pain, which she operate from her family home in Croydon.

Since 2014, Jane has coached men and women from all over the UK through her Cherish Transform and Upgrade Your Life Coaching Programmes focusing on VIP Packages and Memberships.

Jane is able to relate to her clients through her life experience, she used to lack confidence, play the victim, it was never her fault she tended to blamed others or circumstances for her misdemeanours, through this period she also experienced repeated negative relationships, periods of drug and alcohol use, and she became a single parent at 2 months pregnant.

Jane successfully let go of the addictions with the help specialist Alan Carr’s Easyway to Stop Drinking, and all the emotional baggage with the help of various natural methods.

With this Jane emerged finally feeling confidence, full of love and ready to help others across all walks of life through her own Coaching Programmes and Online Courses.

In 2018 she launched her Cherish, Transform & Upgrade Online Courses, which will become a go to mindset improvement portal for anyone looking to overcome stress, procrastination, overwhelm and other progressive challenges

Claim Your 121 Coaching Session With Me NOW

I'll Show You All The Steps You Need to Take to Transform Your Life With Ease, Grace and Glory!