Updated Terms & Conditions

Updated Terms & Conditions

Sorry to be messaging you again so quickly, but I've had a few sticky situations with clients or free sessions over the last few months in business, so I need to send out a quick reminder about Cherish Transform Upgrade's Terms & Conditions, and of course the Health & Safety Protocol.

As I'm sure you can understand my time is very precious to me, as is the time of my clients. I happily give at up to 20hrs of my time for Free to the local community in the form of the weekly Free Mindful Meanders (Walk and Talks), and my free sessions to first time clients, unfortunately I will be forced to change my business structure if I am unable to recreate/enforce/hold these Terms & Condition boundaries.

Please see below...thank you in advance for reading them and complying.

Best Wishes
Jane xx


Another Success Story...

Love every moment of my treatments with Jane. I have particular and difficult back problems and she has always listened and made me feel heard and supported. I always feel lighter coming out from treatments. Highly recommended and very sad to be moving away so I can’t see her regularly anymore!
Angela Vittoria


Terms & Conditions

  • Every client can claim their FIRST session free, every session there after is paid for in full whether Ad-Hoc or Membership
  • There is never more than 1 free session per person
  • I have the right to refuse free sessions, if I feel the prospect is not a right fit for my business or has no intention of join the membership or booking Ad-Hoc sessions
  • All Memberships are DD, either monthly, bi-weekly or weekly
  • All Ad Hoc Sessions are paid in full before the session
  • Clients commit to sessions each month to fully benefit and improve their overall wellness
  • Clients will give at least 24hrs notice if they can not attend a session and reschedule that month
  • If a client can't give 24hrs notice, they will forfeit that session
  • Clients are made aware that the first three months of their membership are fixed (you agree not to cancel within this period)
  • Clients are made aware that they will go onto a monthly rolling contract after the fixed 3 months
  • After the fixed 3 months either party can give one months notice to cancel this agreement
    • If notice given in Jan, last payment is Feb
  • Clients are made aware that they can change their tier level within the membership any time, this needs to be emailed or text to me, Jane.
  • I have the right to refuse & cancel with immediate effect any sessions or memberships, if I feel the client is not a right fit for my business
  • If I am ill, I will call you to reschedule
  • If you are ill, please call me to reschedule